Tourbillon Cufflinks by Memorigin

Tourbillon Timepieces

  • $399.00

Memorigin Tourbillon Cufflinks - Mother of Pearl & Co-axial Tourbillon Cufflinks

Prepare yourself for a lot of attention when wearing these mesmerizing tourbillon cufflinks with 3-dimmentional view. The transparent glasses allow you to look though the co-axial tourbillon from all angles.

All the hidden parts and components of the tourbillon that you cannot detect in the watch, can now be viewed clearly from any angles with these cufflinks. We use deep color of real mother of pearl as background decoration.With the mother of pearl as a background, it gives the spinning tourbillon a nice effect as it is shining in the colorful cosmos.


Deep color of real mother of pearl as background decoration





Handle ´s length:

Handle´s length with extension : 19 mm

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