Memorigin Poem Series - Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again


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Poem Series - Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again

To commemorate the 85th anniversary of the death of Mr. Xu Zhimo, Steven, Ma Chun Wai, who has always been passionate about performing arts and Chinese culture, spent more than seven months and successfully created a stage play based on Xu Zhimo's story - " By Chance - Xu Zhimo” and brought to the stage of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2016.  He has also performed in the mainland China in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen.  In 2018, Steven re-enacted the stage play and decided to perform publicly from the end of June to July.  Although the stage play is on the way, as a producer, screenwriter, director and protagonist – Steven did not stop to rest, but once again challenged himself.  And as a designer he collaborates with Memorigin, the Hong Kong Tourbillon watch brand, to create two watches based on Xu Zhimo’s two new poems: " By Chance " and " Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again ".  The verses were carved on the dial, as if the "love", "freedom" and "beauty" expressed in Xu Zhimo 's poems, the simple lines and colors accentuate Xu Zhimo 's character.

The emotions in the poem have always relied on the meaning of the lines from multiple readings.  When your first read it, you only know the surface.   It was only after you learned more about it that you understood the feelings of the poet.  Knowing Xu Zhimo’s life, Steven understands the delicate emotions expressed in his poems.  Although Xu’s life is only a rush for thirty-four years, every word that leaves a verse is extremely vital. As a designer, Steven has a deep understanding of Xu Zhimo.  He understands that poems are carved through words, and that emotional richness is more fascinating to teach people to read. So, he hopes to use fonts of different sizes to engrave on the dial of the watch which makes the poem more powerful and dynamic. Every time you look at the watch and read it at different time and different occasions, you will have a deeper understanding of it. In terms of color matching, Steven loves black and white, and the stainless-steel square case is matched with black alligator strap. It likes the feeling of calligraphy and ink painting on paper. Although this is only poetry carving, the artistic conception is the painting in the poem. The watch design is closed to the image of this contemporary "literary youth".

Memorigin selected the tourbillon with a frequency of 28,800 oscillation per hour for this series of watches. The “Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again “with a traditional hand-wound movement, full of classic flavor.  Another one “By Chance” with a barrel-shaped case, the specially made self-winding tourbillon movement giving the watch lovers greater flexibility, both the pleasure of manual winding and the convenience of automatic winding. The power reserve of the two watches is 40 hours each. Although the time has passed, the "love" expressed in the poem is eternal, such as the wine, the more delicate the more mellow.

Model No.: Mo 1026
Diameter: 43 mm
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
155 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels
12 pieces of black diamonds as indexes
The poem of Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again (再別康橋) is engraved on the dial
The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed
of 60s for one circle
40 hours power reserve
Self-winding mechanism (Bi-Directional Winding)
Flying tourbillon
The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel
Sapphire Crystal 

Ref. 4894379057071


Flying Tourbillon

Rather than being supported by a bridge, or cock, at both the top and bottom, the flying tourbillon is cantilevered, being only supported from one side. The first flying tourbillon was designed by Alfred Helwig, instructor at the German School of Watchmaking, in 1920. MEMORIGIN has the highest quality to price ratio with the only brand which only produces its in-house design of flying tourbillons.

Important Facts

Each flying tourbillon movement takes on average:
6 months of production;
30 certified technicians;
4500 steps of manufacturing process;
50 steps of index dial surface milling; and
77 steps of bridge board polishing procedures to complete
5 to 100 operations per component
18 different metals in the classic version

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