Memorigin Michele Reis x iPANDAS


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Michele Reis X iPANDAS Memorigin Tourbillon Watch Supporting Charity with a Statement Tourbillon with Two-tone Straps

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, IPS (Integrated Publicity Services Ltd.) proudly introduces an adorable commemorative mascot iPANDAS and plans to organize a variety of charitable projects with different parties. As the inaugural project, IPS joined hands with Ms. Michele Reis to create the MICHELE X iPANDAS Memorigin Tourbillon Watch with the full support of Memorigin, the first tourbillon brand in Hong Kong. The proceeds raised will be donated to the JMJ Children's Charitable Foundation co-founded by Michele and her husband Julian Hui, in order to support the conservation of giant pandas in Sichuan.

The new MICHELE X iPANDAS Memorigin Tourbillon Watch gives a refreshing twist to the masculine and strong tourbillon timepiece by marrying the adorable iPANDAS motif with complicated craftsmanship. The meticulously carved iPANDAS motif on the black nickel plated skeleton dial is finished with a special coating technology to create a refined and smooth matte effect. The biggest challenge lies in creating a three-dimensional panda within the narrow space between the dial and the sapphire crystal. As the rose gold plated luminous dauphine hands sit on the panda’s legs, the thickness of the relief must be precisely crafted so that it won’t be too thin to work on or too thick and hinder the operation of other components. The vivid and exquisite three-dimensional effect is the result of repeated fine-tunings.

A new engraving technique is used on the dial to highlight the lovely panda and the exceptional design, while the black nickel plated skeleton heart patterns on the back consist of the letters “JMJ” to mark the concerted effort between the JMJ Children's Charitable Foundation and iPANDAS. The advanced CNC engraving technology ensures that every heart is perfect and identical. On the black nickel plated skeleton dial are ten sparkling diamond indexes and two precious rubies at 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock respectively to commemorate the 25th anniversary of IPS. Fitted with Memorigin’s movement MO1128, this model comprises 155 subassembly modules and 18 jewel bearings. Apart from a power reserve of up to 40 hours, it also features a co-axial tourbillon at 6 o’clock that oscillates at 28,800 oscillations per hour, ensuring precision and an appealing design.

Michele also lent her creativity to the strap design. Alligator straps in four colors are available to reveal a modern charm. While the panda-inspired black and white are timeless, straps in green and orange, which represent the pandas’ favorite bamboo leaves and carrots, also offer a unique way to express the wearer’s mood and style. The wearers may freely mix and match the contrasting black and white or green and orange alligator straps for a bold and chic look.

Model no.



Frequency: 28,800 oscillations/ hour

155 pieces of subassembly modules and 18 jewel

The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotates at a speed of 60s for one circle

40-hour power reserve

Co-axial Tourbillon

The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel


Approx. 43mm contemporary type stainless steel case


Black nickel plated skeleton dial with iPANDAS embossment and JMJ logo


Rose gold plated luminous dauphine hands


Sapphire crystal


Alligator leather straps (Available in black, white, green and orange)


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