Memorigin Marco Fu Series


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Marco Fu Series

Memorigin, the Hong Kong tourbillon brand, recently cooperates with Hong Kong snooker player - Marco Fu to design a tourbillon watch with the theme of sportsmanship for the very first time. Every year, Memorigin invites different celebrities to launch a new tourbillon as guest designer, and there is no exception in this time too. Through this opportunity, Memorigin works with Marco to design a tourbillon watch and let the people know the spirit of Hong Kong. In 2000, Marco Fu has successfully made a century getting the highest snooker score of 147. Since then he is stand out in the snooker competition and became the role model for Hong Kong athletes. And now, when people talk about “snooker” will think of Marco Fu, who is the legendary snooker player and people have named him as “Miracle Guy”.

Marco Fu always has an extraordinary plan and hit a pool ball with accurate angle every time. The well planning attitude enables him to turn every crisis into a chance to win the game. In the game, he always has his own plan, but in designing a watch, this will be a new challenge as it is a new field to him. With the assistance of Memorigin, he transforms his idea into images. The design of tourbillon has applied a concept of “British-style pool” and curved shape draws the black barrel shape of the watch case, which is a creative and innovative concept. Two different black colors - “black color” with “gunmetal black color” create the sense of multi-layering as the main theme of the watch. When you first look at the colors, you may not notice their differences. But when you pay attention to them, you would find out their glamour. This is similar to Marco that you will understand his intelligence, humble and friendly attitude when you know him more. On the watch surface, 9 pieces of rubies and 3 pieces of black diamond are embedded on it. In fact, the positions of the 3 pieces of black diamonds, locating at 1-4-7 o’clock position, which represents the full marks of snooker- 147 marks, and which is actually the record of Marco Fu during his first open match.

In order to satisfy the need of watch-lovers, the skeletal design of “spider rest” (equipment used in snooker game) is used not only to show its precise pieces of subassembly module and operation, but also matches the theme of snooker, which has shown the passion of Marco Fu towards snooker. When the watch is winded up, the modules and gears drives the movement moving, just like a ball collides with another one on snooker table. This is like how Marco performs during matches that he is concentrated and tries his best to break every record.

Memorigin custom-made self-winding caliber is used in this series, providing you with the choice of self-winding or manual-winding to increase the flexibility that users can enjoy the joy of manual-winding and the convenience of self-winding as well. Even when the watch is under the condition of not being winded, the power reserve maintains operation in 40 hours. The black color watch case matches with the blue alligator strap representing his mature character.

In order to bring changes to users, Memorigin has also prepared another color for this series – Rose Gold, representing “Elegant”, “Luxurious”, “Emperor” and “Eye-catching”. It is suitable to be accessory worn in different occasions. People can choose their favorite to show their glamor. When you read the story of Marco Fu, you would feel his passions and efforts in order to pursue his dream and achieve his goal. His design completely shows how passionate and hard-working he is towards his career. With these positive characters, nothing is impossible and miracle would happen soon.

Model No.: AT 0147
Size: 45mm x 41mm
Thickness: 15mm
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
192 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels
9 pieces of rubies and 3 pieces of black diamond as indexes
Skeletal dial (snooker themed)
The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle
40 hours power reserve
Self-winding mechanism (Bi-Directional Winding)
Flying Tourbillon
The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel
Both sides sapphire crystal
Blue alligator strap

Ref. 4894379720142

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