Memorigin Luk's Time Series


  • $5,487.00

Luk's Time Series Wall Street Tourbillon Watch

Limited to 200 pieces, this watch was created with inspiration from the stock market and designed with the theme of the bull market. The hollowed-out bull mascot is the protagonist of the whole watch. With a rich design philosophy, it took the designers many times to modify the proportions, physical calculations and adjustments. After a 6 months production period, 77 polishing processes and the use of 18 different materials, the watch finally comes to life.

Model No.: MO 0719
Watch diameter: approx.43mm
At least 155 pieces of subassembly module and18 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel
The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle
Flying tourbillon
40 hours power reserve
Bull modeling skeletal dial
29pcs of diamonds (Diameter: 0.7mm) embedded as index on 12 o’clock position
“Arrow” shape mean increasing stock price
10pcs of diamonds (Diameter: 1.4mm) embedded on the dial as the indexes
Dark green alligator strap
Both sides sapphire crystal


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