Memorigin Fantasy Garden Collection - Queen Bee


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Fantasy Garden Collection - Queen Bee

The three designs of watches are represented by Queen Bee, Ladybird, and Dragonfly Goddess respectively. While the different characteristics of the three insects stand for a variety of styles, they all personify the charming females nowadays.
The Queen Bee is the mother of the bees which they would follow and fiercely protect. Her inborn intelligence and confidence make her a charismatic leader that stands out in the bee colony.

The Ladybird is the symbol of luck. While her elegance gives her attractiveness, she never stops encouraging and motivating others with her optimism.
The Dragonfly Goddess spends a long time of her life in the nymph stage. Yet, once she molts to adult, she would disperse from the marsh and start her wonderful life. She is an adventurous extrovert who is passionate about her life. Everyone can see her inner fire burn bright.

Three kinds of gemstones in different colors are used as the materials for the three watches: yellow diamond for the Queen Bee, pink sapphire for the Ladybird, and sapphire for the Dragonfly Goddess. The watch bezels in gradient colors are decorated with vivid insects made of 18-karat gold. The watch dials have a skeletal design. The gemstones glitter with the simplistic design of the leaves, flowers, and water droplets. The operation of the delicate tourbillon components can be seen between the petals. The insects dancing on the blossom present a prosperous and peaceful picture.

Memorigin specially chooses a tourbillon movement with 60 hours of power reserve which provides high stability and accuracy. The beautiful design makes the timepiece a trendy accessory that will embellish your outfits.

Model No.: ST 2016

Watch diameter: 39.5 mm

Diamond quantity: approx. 499pcs (Yellow diamond 263pcs, White diamond 228pcs, Black diamond 8pcs)

Diamond weight: approx. 3.83ct

Emerald quantity: approx. 81pcs

Emerald weight: approx. 1.28ct

18K gold weight: approx. 1.99gram (Queen Bee)

At least 158 pieces of subassembly module and 23 jewels

Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour

The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle

Flying tourbillon

60 hours power reserve

Dauphine hands

Both sides sapphire crystal

Silk strap

Ref. 4894379228440

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