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Memorigin Emperor Jade Series Lady

Tourbillon Timepieces

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Emperor Jade Series

In recent years, most of the collectors are interested in searching the valuable stone - jade. The popularity keeps increasing in the market.

By tradition, normally elders will be interested in collecting the jade. However, it is
not the trend nowadays. As time is changing, more new elements will be injected in the cutting and processing of a jade-feature accessory. In some grand occasion, you can easily find the trace of the jade-feature accessory. The allure consists of the new and old elements that last forever. Similarly, the tourbillon watch takes public by storm. The tourbillon watch was once an ancient mechanical timepiece which revives a vintage trend. Not only does it function as time-telling machine, it is also an art for collection.

Memorigin, a Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand, and Emperor Jade Limited, the top brand specializing in the jade, link up together for launching a jade-feature tourbillon watch which is known as the “Memorigin Jade tourbillon watch”. However, you may wonder what the connection between a jade and a tourbillon is. Once, design director and famous jade collector, Mrs. Christy Tung, JP, and the experienced wood engraving antique collector and founder of Memorigin, Mr. Shum Mak Ling, met each other that aligned to the same value – enhancing the fusion of the Chinese and western culture. Through the essence of the western culture - tourbillon watch, the beauty of the oriental jade culture is perfectly expressed. 

People may think that it is an easy task to present the jade on the tourbillon, but it is not true. The source and the cutting of the jade are the critical points. Regarding the thickness control, “too thick” or “too thin” will affect the different dimensions. With a perfect balance, the silky fibrous texture of jade can only be shown. On the other hand, a little error on these processes will ruin everything. Thus, all the watch master and lapidary are required with experienced skills. They aim to present the charm of the jade and the performance of the tourbillon watch.

Besides the difficulty of sourcing of Jade, many factors are needed to take into consideration after polishing like the moist texture, i.e. the sense of the transparency and the smoothness of the jade’s colour. As talked before, the thickness of the jade will easily affect everything. The whole project team strictly controls the entire stream of procedures beginning from sourcing, cutting, to polishing. Every piece of the jade will be cut into a perfect ratio. By embedding a block of jade at the center, the stream of natural green light is refracted. On the dial, a square jade is used for the indexes which are separated by several square diamonds. The whole picture is presented in simply beauty.

For the specification of the watch, the Memorigin Jade tourbillon watch has two
styles, one for gentlemen and one for ladies which are empowered by 40 hours and 60 hours respectively. Both two styles acquired a frequency of 28,800 oscillations per hour. Moreover, they can be paired up as a Lover Series. The Memorigin’s trademark was engraved on the balance wheel of the tourbillon. Gold, diamond, jade and tourbillon: these four high-valued elements merge together to form this masterpiece. It has the utmost collection value in the market.


Model No.: EJ 0919
Model Name: Emperor Jade tourbillon watch (Lady)
Diameter: about 38 mm
Thickness: about 12.5mm
18 K White gold weight: about 72.80g (The dial, case, crown and buckle included)
Diamond Quantity: about 194 pcs
Diamond Weight: about 10.88 Carat
Jadeite Quantity: 13 pcs 
(1 piece of jadeite embedded on the dial, 11 pieces of jadeite index, 1 piece of jadeite embedded on crown)
Off-centered Tourbillon
158 pieces of subassembly module and 23 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle.
60 hours power reserve
The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel
Alligator Strap
Both sides sapphire crystal<

Ref: 4894379370248

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